Gemeente Amsterdam metrolijn

The North/South line

Amsterdam Municipal Council has completed a metro line that runs under the historic centre and the river IJ. A new metro connection to keep the city moving.

The challenge

The metro connection is one of the largest and most controversial infrastructure projects in Dutch history. Amsterdam has constructed an11.5-km long underground metro connection which connects the northern and the southern parts of the city. Dynniq took care of the energy supply for the project. The North/South Line will reduce the strain on the overloaded Amsterdam infrastructure and connects both parts of the city which are divided by the river IJ. The metro connection has a total length of 11.5 km, of which 9.5 km is underground, and running underneath the city’s historic centre and the river IJ.

The solution

The new metro line has eight stops. Dynniq provided the metro’s electricity system. The construction has turned out to be hugely challenging as much of Amsterdam has been built on marshland. After the budget was exceeded by builders in the earlier phases and buildings in the historic centre were damaged, the project came under strict public scrutiny. For Dynniq, this was just another incentive to deliver excellent work. Dynniq Nederland is proud of its history as a supplier of power systems for the electric tram and metro works in Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam. Building on this expertise, Dynniq provided all the technical installations, including the traction installations, heated switches, and the laying and connection of electrical cables for the new metro line. The project had to comply with extremely high specifications, including the requirements that the systems would continue working in the event of a fire.

The result

The North/South Line opened in 2018, according to plan. The construction works continued 24/7. For Dynniq Nederland, this project was a valuable learning experience. One of the lessons learned was that it takes additional efforts to ensure that we supply consistent project teams, to remain constantly up to speed with the technical implementation and to accelerate the delivery time of strategic procurement to the client. Dynniq is highly confident that the North/South Line will contribute positively to the lives of the Amsterdam residents and its visitors, and is proud of the company’s contribution to this enormous transport project.