The future of mobility is now


The future of mobility is now

We are excited to announce the (re)launch of Peek Traffic!


Over the past years, Dynniq Mobility has made significant investments in the modernization of its traffic management solutions. This has resulted in an innovative product portfolio that complies with the latest technology standards. As these solutions have proven to be of great value to their users, we are now preparing ourselves for the acceleration of strong international expansion. In order to facilitate this, we have created a new Dynniq Mobility unit and are (re)launching our well-known brand Peek Traffic. With this, we are happy to announce that as of the 1st of January, Peek Traffic – by Dynniq, has become its own entity. Joost de Ruiter has taken on the role as Managing Director of Peek Traffic.

Peek Traffic will continue to develop innovative traffic systems that ensure safe, sustainable and efficient flow of traffic. With this step, Peek Traffic will have greater flexibility which will enable independent growth of our technology and products, whilst the support of Dynniq Mobility remains available. Peek Traffic will strengthen the relationship with its existing distributors and at the same time expand its distributor network extensively. The increasing focus on scalability, supported by a firm digital strategy encompassing mature cloud environments and C-ITS solutions, enables partners to grow their business in their respective geographical areas.

Peek Traffic and Dynniq Mobility

Peek Traffic will work closely together with our existing Dynniq Mobility offices. Our local offices will continue to support the installation, management and maintenance of our traffic management systems. They will continue to provide their customers with the same high-quality services.
We are looking forward to continuing our successful cooperation with our existing and future customers, partners and distributors all around the globe.

About Peek Traffic

We are Peek Traffic. We provide technology that make traffic flows safe, sustainable and efficient. We change the world. By expanding our horizon continuously, using international standards and act with a road user perspective in mind. We ensure that cities around the world are prepared for the mobility of the future, such as real-time traffic management, autonomous vehicles and Mobility as a Service. Our employees make technology to be proud of. We keep cities accessible and create a safe and efficient traffic flow. With real-time insights, adaptive traffic management and intuitive control, road authorities have all the resources they need to make optimal use of road capacity now and in the future. Alongside this, we make participating in traffic more efficient and more pleasant for all road users. In addition, we make our technology available to other parties so they can integrate this into their own services. Together, we create innovative ecosystems, new Smart Mobility and C-ITS applications which continuously challenge the market to innovate together with us. By doing so, our technology can be used in every Smart City strategy.
Our technology makes travelling through the city more enjoyable. We do this worldwide, together with our local partners.

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