First class smart mobility services

The challenge

The City of Tampere is positioning itself as the smartest city in Finland and beyond. One example is its implementation of a full suite of Dynniq smart traffic solutions.

Tampere was once the home of Nokia. After the demise of the Finnish connectivity giant, the City has focussed on attracting tech heavy firms and facilitating start-ups. Building on a tech savvy local workforce, it is seeing success in positioning itself as a smart city. Smart traffic solutions are a logical next step. That’s where Dynniq comes in.

Our solution

Dynniq is providing Tampere with a full suite of smart mobility solutions: UTMS services, RMS, ImFlow, ImCity, realtime data gathering, journey time (VIP) and GLOSA – Green Light Optimal Speed Advice, and more.

Two concrete examples of Tampere smart
traffic solutions are:

  • LIVA 2.0, in co-operation with Mattersoft Oy, a system that provides smart traffic light priority to public transport.
  • HALI, with which emergency service vehicles gain traffic light priority through GPS tracking and ethernet connected traffic lights.

Tampere’s main goal is to utilize the most innovative operational mobility services improving traffic flow and prioritization at intersections, reducing emissions and improving quality of life. With GLOSA for example drivers can optimise their speed based on making the next green light at the traffic lights.
And it doesn’t end there, Tampere has even greater ambitions, evidenced by the fact that the local technical University has its very own driverless bus on campus – the self driving car may soon be making its debut on Tampere’s roads.

The result

Dynniq is proud to be a partner of the City of Tampere, and is working in close collaboration to optimize the cutting edge systems to meet the expectations of an ambitious client. Concrete results have been realised just a few years since the start of the collaboration. Reduced congestion, improved traffic flow and safety can be demonstrated by verifiable statistics.
Tampere is a highly visible demonstration of the power of the Dynniq suite of smart traffic solutions in an urban area.