Talking Traffic

Innovating operational mobility services

The Challenge

To optimise flow of traffic, the Dutch ministry of infrastructure has connected commercial and public parties to create innovative, nationwide, real time traffic technology.

The Netherlands is a densely populated nation, with extreme pressure on existing infrastructure and little possibility of extending the road network.
So, the government is looking to technology to optimise the flow of traffic and road user behaviour. It has created collaboration involving the best and brightest to co–create an open ecosystem of mobility services

Our solution

Dynniq is on board and is part of the programme: Talking Traffic. The main goal is to utilize innovative operational mobility services at a national scale providing road users with detailed traffic information, improving flow and prioritization at intersections. Dynniq is working closely with cloud service providers (particularly KPN), app developers like Locatienet and Flitsmeister and government institutes and researchers, such as the TU Delft. In 2016-2017 the ecosystem is developed and from 2018 exploitation is set to begin.

The result

The project is a huge step forward within Dynniq’s traffic domain. It allows Dynniq to execute a strategy, developing traffic services for government, businesses and (indirectly) consumers.
The results are highly visible to the public through various apps, and contribute to the liveability and safety of the region. Dynniq has shared knowledge and through doing so has also gained valuable expertise which strengthens its market position. The collaboration has resulted in new releases of ImFlow and GreenFlow, the implementation of a standardized RIS interface and upgraded TLC’s with iTLC architecture.

This knowledge and expertise will be carried forward across the Dynniq business. This means that when it comes to the absolute cutting edge of traffic management solutions, Dynniq is ready for the next step.