Considerably improving the flow of traffic

The Challenge

Better traffic management systems on a Stockholm highway will lower congestion and emissions. But what if there was just four months to delivery?
Dynniq Sweden got it done on time.

Improving traffic management on the road link between Haga Södra – Haga Norraand Frescati – Bergshamra is an important goal for Trafikverket Stockholm.
They need a system that can automatically or manually influence speed and traffic on the entrance highway into Stockholm. Lower congestion and emissions will improve quality of life for the residents of Sweden’s capital city.

Our solution

They turned to Dynniq to install and commission 110 traffic signs. Also, these signs had to be connected to the traffic box and the main steering system in Stockholm. There’s just one catch, the main part of the project must be completed very quickly.

To meet the deadline, Dynniq Sweden knows it must devote extra time and effort to project management and resource allocation. Crucial to success is frequent and direct communication with external and internal project stakeholders. Meetings with Trafikverket are held so often that they are described as ‘continuous’.

The result

Using Dynniq traffic box equipment and Telegra signs, Dynniq delivered the project in time and to a high quality standard. Installed in autumn 2015, no major interruptions to the system have been reported so far. The flow of traffic into Stockholm has been improved considerably.