Smooth operation in Zagreb with new traffic management system


Smooth operation in Zagreb with new traffic management system

An important element in traffic management is cooperation. Traffic light controllers in a city have to work in sync, data from different vendor hardware have to be combined to improve traffic flows. At Dynniq, we understand the importance of working together, and in Zagreb we are leading the way by integrating various solutions in a single traffic management system. Starting with two of the city’s main avenues, we are rolling out ImCity, a system that connects equipment from two different suppliers, so it can all be operated and programmed from one centre.

Two-way data exchange

In October 2020, we signed a contract with the City of Zagreb to implement a central management application system. Its interface can connect traffic light controllers and CCTV cameras from two different suppliers: King ICT and Semafor. The deadline was 12 months, and in May 2021, we were already 80% of the way. The programme we installed is ImCity, a powerful tool that brings together multiple systems, devices and data streams into a single real-time platform.

The key element of this project is two-way data exchange. Operators receive information about the status of traffic light controllers and data from CCTV cameras on one map of the city. Based on this, the operators can make changes and implement pre-designed programmes at the right moments. For example, during rush hour a specific plan is in place, but if there is an unusual situation, the operator receives real-time updates and can implement a new plan. The interface also shows data about the state of the connected hardware, so that any faults or issues can be dealt with immediately.

Out with the old, in with the new

What makes ImCity a perfect solution for a city like Zagreb is its ability to bring together multiple systems and data streams in one platform. The two avenues chosen to showcase this programme are Zagrebacka Avenue and Avenue Veceslava Holjevca, which leads from South Zagreb to the airport. Between these two avenues, there are 19 intersections, with cameras and controllers from two different vendors. With ImCity, there is no need to install new hardware: the programme is designed to handle data from various different suppliers. This means that it not only manages information from various sources, but also saves time and money.

A product that grows with the city

Once the first two avenues are successfully connected to ImCity, two more avenues will be added to the network. This will mean an additional 20-25 intersections. Then, over time, more and more of Zagreb’s roads can be added. This is another benefit of implementing ImCity: it allows authorities to work with the systems that are already in place, while also providing a long-term solution that can be expanded as the city grows.

As higher volumes of cameras and controllers are linked to the interface, Dynniq hopes to offer the City of Zagreb more solutions, such as CrossCycle or ImFlow. All of these applications are designed to help with traffic management in large cities, making them greener, safer and more pleasant to drive through.

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