Upgrading the bridge safety standards

The challenge

Thanks to meticulous planning, Dynniq successfully executes the safety update of a Dutch drawbridge vital to the local tourist industry and commercial road transport.
Rijkswaterstaat, the infrastructure authority of The Netherlands, has set new standards for the operation and safety of its drawbridges. Uniformity of operation is the main goal, as this leads to better safety and operational efficiency. The first bridge to be renovated according to these standards is the Eilandbrug near Kampen.

Dynniq introduced another first to the project, in that the whole process is executed according to the JSTD engineering standard, from design, to engineering and implementation. This means that in future, work and maintenance on the bridge can be done more reliably by the availability of uniform documentation.

The Eilandbrug is an important road link for commercial transport. Furthermore, the bridge plays a vital part in the local tourist industry, as the local classic sailing fleet ‘de bruine vloot’ must pass under the bridge whenever it sets sail. These factors mean that bridge closures must be kept to a minimum, leaving little time to execute a formidable technical challenge.

Our solution

The solution is highly accurate planning and allocation of resources. Dynniq works closely with Rijkswaterstaat, especially in the complicated planning process. This means that the renovation is completed over the course of two weekends during which work goes on 24/7. The bridge is only entirely closed to road traffic for four nights. It is closed for a longer time span for shipping. Taking tourism interests into account the work is completed during the off season.

The result

The work on the Eilandbrug is completed on target, on time, complying with Rijkswaterstaat’s standards, resulting in a safer bridge for operators and users alike. The new JTSD standards are also followed successfully and make the work future proof. This successful learning experience benefits Dynniq directly in terms of know-how and forges a stronger relationship with Rijkswaterstaat. In fact, Dynniq’s same team is now renovating a similar bridge, the Grevelingen bridge, in Zeeland.

“The whole process is executed according to the JSTD engineering standard, from design, to engineering and implementation”