The cooperative engine of your vehicle

The On Board Unit (OBU), productname V2X-M200, is a workhorse that fullfills the latest ETSI G5 standards. It offers numerous options to comply with your needs to interact with the vehicle and other smart devices.

The powerful platform comprises an ARM Quad Core cpu. This gives you the opportunity to run large and demanding applications. The optional LDM Kit (Local Dynamic Map) makes life easy when you build your own applications. The hardware security module offers fast encryption to be able to handle a substantial load of ETSI messages. The V2X-M200 is resistant to the effects of vehicle startup and powering off. One of the main options is the IO module that offers serial interfaces, digital and analog IO, and last but not least a CAN-bus interface.

Dynniq supplies several antenna options to make your set complete. We will support you with our extensive knowledge of ETSI G5 technology.

More technical specifications about the OBU V2X-M200 you can find here: Datasheet OBU V2X-M200. Or learn more on how to incorporate the OBU in coorperative V2I services which improves road safety, traffic efficiency and energy savings.