Press release: Cyclist app for longer ‘green wave’


Press release: Municipality of Tilburg and Dynniq launch first cyclist app for longer ‘green wave’

The CrossCycle app works as a detector: as a cyclist with the app approaches the intersection, the time the light remains green is prolonged for as long as possible or the light jumps to green allowing the cyclist to continue cycling. When the system detects a group of cyclists, the group is even given priority over other traffic. The user’s phone simply remains safe inside the pocket or bag. The cyclist receives confirmation via a flashing light along the cycle path that he/she has been detected and that traffic control is taking this into consideration.

Demonstration in Tilburg

The CrossCycle app will be demonstrated today on the fast cycle route in Tilburg, where the pilot is taking place. It takes place on the intersections on the Burgemeester Brokxlaan with the Gasthuisring and the Jan Heijnstraat. Interested parties can also try the app at the National Cycling Congress, on 21 September in Tilburg.

After the launch, the app might be integrated with the B-riders app of the province of Noord-Brabant. The objective is to implement this functionality in many more intersections and thus widely stimulate bicycle traffic in Brabant.

Space for the cyclist

Haye Mensonides, Commercial Director of Smart Mobility at Dynniq: “The current infrastructure in the Netherlands offers insufficient space for the rapid developments in relation to cyclists. More and more car commuters are using the bicycle as a structural alternative for the car. CrossCycle anticipates on this and wants to make cycling more fun and efficient: no need to wait for the green lights but just cruising on.”

Mario Jacobs, alderman in Tilburg adds: “This system fits in seamlessly with our 2040 Mobility Approach which also focuses on the use of innovative technologies and on slow-moving traffic such as pedestrians and cyclists. Moreover, the test is part of the living lab on the Tilburg-Waalwijk fast cycle route.”


The use of the CrossCycle app is anonymous. The app is not linked to the user’s personal details but is used purely as a means of detection. Furthermore, the app generates data which the municipality of Tilburg can use to further optimise the mobility approach.