Press release: TU Delft Transport Institute


Press release: Dynniq will collaborate with the TU Delft Transport Institute

In practice, this collaboration means that Dynniq will supervise Masters and Doctoral research projects conducted by students of the TU Delft Transport Institute and that students may collaborate with Dynniq on specific projects. The partners will work together on potential new (inter)national projects relating to smart cities, data analytics, transport, and energy infrastructure. In addition, both partners intend to host a public annual symposium where professional parties can exchange and share the latest insights and developments.

Cees de Wijs, Director of Dynniq, is very enthusiastic about the collaboration: “This bond with TU Delft leads to a mutual reinforcement. We have the knowledge from the field and the insight into where the needs lie. At the same time, TU Delft is the ideal innovation partner who enables us to broaden our horizons and, where necessary, sharpen our vision.”

International Smart Mobility competition

In consultation with the university, Dynniq will create a worldwide ‘Smart Mobility Award’ for which students devise applications for technical problems in the area of Intelligent Transport Systems.