With a large airport, the Maasvlakte and good connecting roads to Germany, the Netherlands is a real transport country. In addition to benefits, this also presents the necessary challenges. How do you ensure that goods can be transported quickly and efficiently by road, while roads are becoming fuller and environmental requirements are becoming increasingly stringent? Smart applications that have been developed from a strong vision offer the solution.

Cost reduction through better flow

Much profit can be gained for transport companies when driving in the city: the last mile logistics. When transport companies and municipalities join forces, there is a solution that benefits both parties.

A win-win situation is possible if lorries exchange information with the city’s traffic systems. Municipalities can arrange that freight traffic is given the right of way and priority at the traffic lights. This green wave offers a solution for improving air quality, traffic flow in the city and the desire to get goods to the right place quickly.

Efficient and safe from a to b

The challenges for the transport sector are not limited to the city alone. The most congested motorways also cost the transport sector time and money. Intelligent applications such as truck platooning, where trucks communicate with each other and with the roadside, are within reach. But also think of smart parking solutions where freight traffic parks along the economic routes. This helps to safely gate traffic.

Vision on transport

At Dynniq, we know how important it is to coordinate mobility, energy and parking solutions. Only then are applications created that benefit multiple parties. To this end, we go further than just developing and improving our current technological solutions. We know exactly what is going on in your field and have a vision on how things can be more sustainable, more efficient and safer. This doesn’t only offer a solution to today’s problems, but also to tomorrow’s.

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