Developing smart solutions to make people’s lives easier, better or more sustainable is the order of the day for technology companies. But sometimes good ideas are put on hold as implementing them requires expertise which may not be available in-house. A collaboration with Dynniq is then the ideal addition.

Together to the next level

At Dynniq we know everything about technology and how smart applications can make the world safer, more efficient and more sustainable. With solutions for mobility, parking and energy issues, we help governments and businesses with challenges in these areas.

We develop the necessary infrastructures and ensure optimal integration by exchanging data in a smart and efficient way. For example, with sensors on traffic lights that exchange real-time data with the monitoring systems in tunnels to improve traffic flow in and between cities. But the possibilities of linking that data for other purposes are, of course, endless. In this way, we can take the technological solutions to the next level and unburden customers even more.

New sectors, new possibilities

By using the existing or newly to be built Dynniq infrastructures, you immediately get the opportunity to get the attention of other clients. This lets you serve new sectors and tap into new sales markets, while retaining your own identity. After all, it remains your solution.

One and one is three

Providing solutions that really benefit the customer. That is what we are all about. We offer our clients integrated solutions mobility, parking and energy. But that does not mean that we close our eyes to opportunities outside these areas of interest. In fact, if our existing or new customers can deal with their challenges even more efficiently, we are the first to want to know more about them. Because we believe that one and one is three.

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