Public transport

Most places in the Netherlands are easily accessible by public transport. Yet many commuters choose the car instead of the bus, tram or metro. Most important reason? Public transport often costs them more time. And that’s a shame, because reliable, technological solutions that save time are within reach.

Priority for bus and tram

Cities that make use of innovative solutions know better than anyone else that traffic flow should not be left to chance. Public transport moves quickly and efficiently according to the timetable. In this city, vehicles communicate with each other and the traffic control systems. They stay green for longer when the bus or tram is approaching.

Reliable travel information is a prerequisite for making public transport more attractive. With smart systems, the exact location of the vehicles is determined and shared with the information signs at the stop. Because of this, travellers know exactly where they stand.

Reliable energy supply

Where the tram, the trolley bus and the metro are concerned, traffic flow is not the only requirement. To prevent unnecessary delays, the energy supply must be available, reliable and sustainable. Technological solutions that ensure sufficient DC voltage at the overhead cables are indispensable here. But also think of solutions for heating the track equipment and a traction return system. In this way, trams and metros will return the energy released during deceleration to the network. Applications that are not only reliable and innovative, but also sustainable.

Main supplier

We are proud that for decades we have been the main supplier for tram companies in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam. At Dynniq we understand that the flow and availability of public transport are among the hygiene factors of a city. This is the only way we can ensure that more travellers opt for public transport. And we create a solution for traffic congestion and air pollution

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