Network operators

The demand for electricity is increasing daily due to the enormous growth in homes, appliances and cars that use the electricity grid. And with a government that wants to reduce the use of gas, the demand only increases further. The energy market is under pressure: how do we use the network as efficiently as possible, while disruptions are kept to a minimum? Smart use of knowledge combined with technology offers the solution.

Focusing on continuity

Continuity is perhaps the most important word in the energy sector. Disruptions must be kept to a minimum and there must be continuous search for solutions that are future-proof. For example, to ensure that more energy can be transported.

Smart, technological solutions make it possible to switch from alternating voltage to direct voltage. This not only increases the capacity by 50%, but makes adapters superfluous, which reduces chemical waste. For example, direct currency contributes to two important objectives within the energy sector: making the sector more sustainable and facilitating sufficient electricity supply.

Revolving society

Energy must be available 24 hours a day; a society without energy comes to a standstill. At Dynniq we understand this, and we see the enormous importance of properly solving energy issues. For example, we develop applications to renew and expand the current electrical infrastructure. But we also continue to invest in the traditional solutions that, together with future scenarios, will keep our society going.

In addition, the technology also offers opportunities for the way in which we use electricity. Not all our appliances, such as refrigerators, need electricity 24 hours a day. By making efficient use of the available electricity capacity, energy can be purchased more efficiently and offer a solution to any capacity shortages.

Sufficient energy capacity

Network operators are continuously challenged to provide sufficient energy capacity at the lowest possible cost. A new generation of smart meters contributes to this. The meters provide insight into the energy consumption of the average consumer, making customization at very competitive rates a very real possibility.

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