In civil engineering projects, a balance must constantly be sought between the customer’s wishes and a cost-efficient solution. And what is perhaps even more important: to stay a step ahead of the competition. Smart, technical applications offer an answer to this.

Customised solution

When building a new bridge, for example, clients are not just concerned about the quality of the construction. This must of course be reliable and of good quality, but your client expects more. For example, it is important that a bridge contributes to the flow of the underlying road network. Our smart, integrated solutions contribute to this. For example, because motorists receive an advance notification that the bridge is about to open, allowing them to opt for an alternative route.

By including these choices in the design, you can offer your clients a solution that is not only functionally feasible, but that also has due consideration to safety and sustainability aspects.

Sustainable applications

Sustainability is high on the agenda of many clients. After all, every new project must have due consideration to the requirements laid down in, among others, climate agreements. Sustainable solutions can be chosen not only in the construction and renovation of tunnels, but also in technological solutions. What about, for example, directly connecting a tunnel to the direct current network? This saves energy because inverters become redundant.

The technique used in the tunnel, on the other hand, must also be reliable and prevent the flow or safety from being compromised by non-functioning solutions. When constructing and renovating tunnels, you want to install applications where smart technology can guarantee the safety and flow in the tunnel. And if an accident happens anyway? Then you want the option of being able to close the tunnel tube immediately.

Smart solutions go beyond technology

At Dynniq we know the changing world in which civil engineering companies are operating. And we know better than anyone else which themes are on the policy table of your Client. We combine this knowledge with our smart technical solutions. In this way, we contribute to the cost-efficient organization of projects with which civil engineering companies can take the lead.

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