Nordic Triangle

Technology solutions for the European Green Motorway

The challenge

Smart traffic control and lighting are crucial ingredients in making the E18 a reliable international road connection. Dynniq Finland proves to be a true partner in innovation.

The Koskenkylä–Kotka motorway is situated on main road 7, part of Finland’s important international road connection E18 and the transport system of the Nordic Triangle. This is a European Union priority since it connects the capitals of the Nordic countries to each other, to the rest of Europe and to Russia.

This stretch of motorway with two tunnels and truck parking area is a part of Finland’s first ‘Green Motorway’ a concept developed by municipalities, provincial federations and local businesses. It is an innovative platform for sustainable development technology.
Smart traffic control and lighting are vital part of the project. Dynniq Finland is called in to make it happen.

Our solution

Dynniq was involved from an early stage in this extensive project. Determining which attributes were required proved challenging at times, but through pro-active cooperation with stakeholders this was overcome.
Delivery included motorway and tunnel lighting and a full smart traffic control system for weather stations, traffic measurement stations, signs, barriers, variable speed limit and/or warning signs, message and prism signs, including needed communication network for all systems.
During the project Dynniq realized its own innovations, such as developing a more easily editable and manageable controlling system structure. This know-how will be taken forward into new projects.

The result

The successes of the project have been independently verified: Eleven fewer personal injury accidents and three fewer road deaths a year. Traffic jams have been practically eliminated and travel time shortened.
Furthermore, the new motorway is projected to contribute to employment in the area and to the growth of new industries and commerce.
Dynniq Finland can look back on a successful cooperation to complete this ambitious project and remains involved in the operation of the systems.