New traffic control system in the Mestarintunneli increases safety


The new traffic control system for Ring Road I’s Mestarintunneli in Finland is the result of more than a year of design and development work by Fintraffic and YSP Oy, part of the Dynniq Group.

Renovation of the Mestarintunneli

The Mestarintunneli is a 530 meter long road tunnel consisting of two parallel four-lane tunnels and gateways connecting them. The Mestarintunneli is also one of the busiest tunnel sections in Finland, with an average of 80,000 cars driving through it every day. During the renewal of the traffic control system, new control systems for tunnel traffic management were installed as well as tunnel technology and safety systems along with a new telecommunications network, traffic surveillance cameras and a camera-based interference detection system. Through close co-operation, a cost-effective, reliable and high-quality traffic control system was applied to the Mestarintunneli, which will meet the traffic demands. The tunnel was commissioned in the morning of 11 May 2021.

The co-operation with YSP went very well. Our joint expertise in traffic software, automation and system deliveries, as well as experience in a variety of traffic control and tunnel engineering needs gave this infrastructure project a good starting point. The tunnel is now ready for years to come and its technology supports today’s tunnel safety requirements,” says Project Manager Raine Sallinen from Fintraffic Road Traffic Control.

Monitoring is based on cameras and sensor data

The renewal of the traffic control system has been part of the wider renovation of the Mestarintunneli, where the older traffic management and safety systems were replaced with modern equipment according to today’s tunnel technology.

In the Mestarintunneli traffic safety, continuous traffic monitoring and control, is based on information provided by traffic monitoring cameras and numerous sensors. In the tunnel, information is collected for the use of Fintraffic’s road traffic center with, amongst others: 24 traffic cameras, an updated fire alarm system and 48 interference control system cameras. The camera-based interference management system also detects, for example, slow, stopped or moving vehicles in the wrong direction”, explains project manager Matti Peiponen from YSP.

The new system has been introduced and the testing has been carried out mainly at night so that the system can be kept in operation by Fintraffic’s road traffic center during busy traffic.

The Mestarintunneli tunnel has been closed for traffic 30 times due to testing, which is about a third less than what was originally thought to be needed. Careful planning and operational assurance, as well as effective cooperation with various stakeholders, have produced these positive results, which has now been reflected in a smooth implementation”, continues Matti Peiponen.

The traffic control system for the Mestarintunneli in Ring Road I has been renewed for another year. The new traffic control system will increase the smoothness and safeness of traffic control in the busy Mestarintunneli and improve interference management. At the same time, the tunnel is connected to a centralized road traffic control system.