New managing director Dynniq Nordics


We have the opportunity to make a real difference in society

The new Managing Director of Nordics, Magnus Höglund, started at Dynniq in November. During his first weeks Magnus has been visiting all the business units that belong to the Nordics. Magnus is from Sweden and he has done his career in in several companies in IT and high-tech industries.

Get to know Magnus Höglund better in this interview.

– How would you describe yourself with a few words Magnus?

I’m a person that cares; cares about making a difference, cares about people, cares about customer value, cares about results. I am always curious to learn new things. I really enjoy working in teams, but I also need some time for myself, to reflect and think.

– What do you hope to accomplish within the next year at Dynniq?

I have only been here for a month so I am still in a learning phase, but right now on the top of my mind is to ensure stability and continuity in our business. I know how great it is to work towards a common vision and I would like to see an even more focused Dynniq in the Nordics, where our purpose is clear and everyone feels that (s)he is contributing to the big picture.

In 2019 we should take measures to increase co-operation between countries, people and units. I also believe that we have potential for improvement in many areas. I would like to see people grow and actively take on more responsibility. And I want us to have fun while doing so! Finally, we shall meet our budget targets for 2019. To summarise – more fun and more profit!

– What do you think will be challenging in your work at Dynniq?

One challenge for many of us is to find time prioritise what is very important, but not urgent. Here I, as a manager, have a great responsibility not to hand out too many tasks that are taking time for what is really important such as our customers, deliveries and strategy execution.

– What do you find most inspiring in Dynniq?

First that we have the opportunity to make a real difference in society. Our solutions are really needed and they have the potential to improve the environment, quality of life and even save lives.

Second is the technology development. Autonomous cars are just around the corner for example, Artificial Intelligence is gaining ground and will impact also our solutions in the future. This combined is a golden opportunity for us embracing new technology and innovation to deliver value to the people and society is what inspires me.