New lighting for the Erasmus Bridge

New lighting for the Erasmus Bridge

The Erasmus Bridge: a landmark for Rotterdam, a symbol for the city, and a very popular photo location for tourists. This leading bridge celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2016 – a good time to replace the lighting of the bridge.

The challenge

Together with Industrielicht, Dynniq submitted a plan to replace all lighting with LED. Part of the replacement plan was a lighting test. The municipality and architect were invited to judge whether the result met the expectations. LED lighting has a different look than the current lamps, and the old lighting was part of the design by Ben van Berkel of UNStudio. The light image of the bridge with the new lighting had to correspond as much as possible to the original lighting plan.

The solution

The lighting in the pylon and the cables of the bridge, the lamps above the roadways, and the decorative lighting at the bottom of the bridge have been completely replaced by LED. The usual lighting is white but can be replaced by colored lights for special events. The lighting is controlled remotely from a control room via telemanagement.

The result

The energy consumption of the bridge has been reduced by approximately 70%, which not only benefits the municipality but also the environment. During a spectacular light show, the new lighting of the Erasmus Bridge waws put into use. The municipality can change the lighting of the entire bridge at the touch of a button. Think, for example, of red, white, and blue lighting on King’s Day, or the Feyenoord club colors for a victory. All colors of the rainbow are possible!

Watch the video

Public lighting manager Henk Rehorst changes the color of the Erasmus Bridge at the touch of a button: