Project Goal


  • Optimizing traffic management to increase journey time predictability with a focus on junctions belonging to corridors
  • Upgrading adjacent railway services in parallel to TEN-T corridors is also investigated

Dynniq Challenge

  • Tools used: ImFlow, ImCity, Smart grids, Parking guidance
  • Dynniq aims to develop data driven traffic management as an extra service in our new data platform
  • This will consist of adding mesoscopic modelling with predictive elements to our portfolio and determining effective measures that can be taken based on this data.
  • Lastly, relationships with road authorities will be built to gather requirements and find new potential customers.


The aim of the project is to secure the position of Dynniq in future traffic management by diversifying to regional traffic management including logistic  using data fusion  as input  for the process and implementing this functionality in the existing  traffic management portfolio

End project: September 2021. There is no website live yet but for more information visit: