Intelligent street-lighting at the Moerdijk


Dynniq and Tvilight reinforce their collaboration through the rolling-out of intelligent street-lighting at the Moerdijk port and industrial park.

Today, Dynniq and Tvilight will be delivering intelligent street-lighting technology and accompanying services at the Port of Moerdijk. The port operator manages and develops the Port of Moerdijk, the fourth largest seaport of the Netherlands. This project will further reinforce the collaboration between the two companies after they recently delivered one of the largest street-lighting projects in Europe on the Dutch island of Texel.

The main challenge for ports worldwide is improving and increasing sustainability while reducing the operational costs. With the major part of the energy being used for heating and public lighting, ports must seek a new way of lighting public spaces. The Port of Moerdijk has discovered intelligent street-lighting as the solution for their industrial park that covers as an area of over 2600 hectares. In one section of this park, the outdoor lighting is now automatically adapted to the presence of people thanks to the intelligent light-controllers with sensors. By saving energy, the sustainability of the port improves while the safety and comfort on the park increases.

Bas van de Bosch, Project Manager on behalf of the Port of Moerdijk, explains: “The combination of the new LED lighting and the dynamic remote dimming, which Dynniq and TVILIGHT jointly provide in the initial phase, is an optimal investment, because it helps us save energy and at, the same time, improve the safety in the public space.” After the successful pilot, Moerdijk decided to make more than 1,000 street lights in the industrial park intelligent.
Henk Schakenraad, Programme Manager for infrastructure and management at the Port of Moerdijk, states: “Sustainability has our priority as we want to strengthen the balance between People, Planet and Profit. We aim to save more energy and to optimise our daily work tasks. Our objective is to have an energy-neutral port and industrial park at Moerdijk by 2030. The realisation of intelligent street-lighting is an important step in this direction.”

André Meijer, Managing Director at Dynniq Mobility Nederland: “Intelligent street-lighting systems deliver direct results, but also facilitate the development of new applications for smart port and industrial areas. Thanks to Open API, the system can be easily linked to other solutions. This offers the port the flexibility in the support of countless new applications such as scenario and traffic management. Together, we have made the port and industrial area a bit more future-proof.”