Unlocking the potential of your network

ImCity is a powerful tool for the managers of road networks, bringing together multiple systems, devices and data streams into a single real-time platform. With simple, intuitive tools for the management of events, signing and signals as well as the ability to automate sophisticated strategies, ImCity helps you to manage the increasing demands on your network.

ImCity is based around a Common Database which is continually updated with real-time data on both the state of the network (journey time, flows, weather condition, etc.) and the state of the connected assets (fault conditions, communications status). All of this data is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection via the secure web interface. The system is UTMC-compliant offering ‘plug and play’ functionality with many devices and interoperability with UTMC systems from other suppliers. ImCity’s features are specifically designed for the needs of modern road authorities including management of incidents and events and the automation of complex or labour-intensive tasks.

ImCity supports numerous data and device types including:

  • Traffic signals via UTC
  • Variable Message Signs
  • Car parks and parking guidance systems
  • CCTV
  • Highways England NTIS data
  • Google journey time data
  • Traffic counters
  • ANPR, Bluetooth and other journey time systems
  • Weather and air quality stations
  • Roadworks, incidents and events

Find more information and details in the ImCity brochure  click here.