FLOURISH project sees Dynniq complete its C-ITS trials in Bristol


FLOURISH project sees Dynniq complete its final on-road
C-ITS trials in Bristol, demonstrating in-vehicle traffic information services

Dynniq has developed a central software platform that processes vehicle data in real-time, turning it into personalised traffic information messages to enhance traffic information that is provided to road users for road users to better inform them of what if happening or going to happen during their journeys.

  • Connected vehicle data is collected in real-time from connected vehicles using Dynniq’s existing Connected-Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) products and services
  • Traffic information and events such as stationary vehicles ahead and roadworks warnings are sent directly to the vehicle and displayed to the road user in-car
  • These in-vehicle services help understand the benefits of connected vehicle data to traffic management by providing more personalised and accurate road information in real-time
  • Trials conclude the three-year £5.5m government funded FLOURISH project that is aimed at developing future mobility services, ending this month

The information received from the central platform is presented to the driver directly during their journey to better inform them as to what can be expected on the road ahead. Services such as real-time detection of slow-moving or stationary vehicles and roadworks warnings were trialled during three car trial sessions in Bristol, with the aim to create a better understanding of how to tailor this information for drivers.

The trials are part of the FLOURISH project, a £5.5m government funded innovation stream aimed at developing, testing and proving the benefits of future mobility services. Dynniq has built on its existing C-ITS portfolio, GreenFlow and GLOSA that rely on existing traffic signals infrastructure, by adding in new in-vehicle services to this service to improve cities and motorway’s traffic management. Dynniq’s engineers have performed testing and simulations before heading out to the streets of Bristol for three on-road trials to provide insight into the performance and benefits in-vehicle services offer to road users in increasingly busy urban environments.

To securely send and receive messages, all data that is generated is encrypted to ensure road users’ data and the services they receive can continue to operate reliably and personal information secure. Messages are anonymised in addition to this encryption to further allow road users to not have to worry about misuse of information whilst using these in future. These services provide a first glimpse of what can be expected when more connected and even autonomous vehicles will be driving the streets. In the future, these C-ITS services could be seen to inform drivers on active speed advisory messages, obstacles and contextualized traffic information directly from traffic management centres.

Further information:

Dynniq’s participation in FLOURISH is further supporting and demonstrating its involvement in several C-ITS trials projects in the Netherlands, UK, Belgium (Intercor Belgium) and Finland (Aurora Arctic Challenge).

‘FLOURISH is helping advance Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) in the UK by developing a range of services and capabilities that link people’s user needs and technology potential. The three-year project is worth £5.5 million and is co-funded by a consortium of government, industry, academic, and charitable organisations. FLOURISH is delivered in partnership with Innovate UK and is part of the government’s £100 million Intelligent Mobility Fund, supporting the Future of Mobility Grand Challenge.’

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