Flemish Government

Creating an entire interconnected network

The Challenge

The Flemish government wants a secure way to transfer its data. Dynniq creates a private, dedicated optical transport network connecting government locations.

Belgium is a federal state with powerful Flemish, Brussels and Walloon local governments, each with its own territories and interests. The Flemish government is the owner of its own fibre optic infrastructure connecting its major institutions; a network created by Dynniq.

Our solution

As powers are devolved more from national to regional government, this network is becoming more and more important to everyday life for Flemish citizens. Starting in 2002, with a network for the Traffic Agency of the Flemish Government, Dynniq’s contract evolved into the creation of an entire network interconnecting agencies of the local government and major research & education institutions. Dynniq has built on proven reliability, expanding this existing relationship to the benefit of both parties.

The network brings value to all citizens of Flanders. From public radio broadcasting, to travel information, from air pollution measurements to water level measurements, from fiscal counter services to serving the internet connections for the students of a music school.

Dynniq continually ensures that the network is up to date. With technology ranging from a single 2 Mbps connection up to multiple coherent 200G ready systems through Wavelength Division Multiplexing. Reports are created and shared monthly with the client. These reports cover progress, quality and service level agreement compliancy. And, every year, a formal strategy meeting is held with the Flemish government to determine next steps.

The result

Dynniq is proud of this long standing relationship with the Flemish government and how its work has a positive impact on the lives of many within the Flemish community.