Event: Dynniq at Traffex Scotland


Event: Dynniq at Traffex Scotland

Dynniq were at Traffex Scotland earlier this month which took place at the SEC in Glasgow for the first time. We were able to showcase the latest in our product portfolio, in particular promoting our Dynniq GreenFlow services:

GreenFlow for Cars

Drivers can now be ‘connected’ to traffic signals to enable receiving of real-time information on the state of the traffic lights as well as signage. When approaching signals, drivers are given speed advisory messages, ‘time-to-red’ and ‘time-to-green’ information. Additional traffic information such as signage, road works warnings and speed limits can also be displayed. This helps them to drive more efficiently, reduce fuel usage, and produce fewer emissions.

GreenFlow for Trucks

Logistics vehicles can set routes and link location data into our FlowSense platform to connect to local traffic light applications. When approaching the intersection truck drivers receive speed advice, including the ‘time-to-red’ and ‘time-to-green’ information. For selected intersections conditional priority can be requested. This helps reduce stops, saves fuel and improves local emissions. Road wear and tear and vehicle maintenance are improved, as well as driver comfort.

GreenFlow for Public Transport

Approaching buses are given priority at regulated intersections based on the policy configured for that location. The conditional priority takes into account if the bus is too early, on time or too late in relation to its schedule. Additionally, it is possible to use the occupancy of the bus as a criterion for its priority level. The same applies for electric buses and their battery status. Priority can also be given to buses that are heading for destinations where the impact of a late arrival is more significant.

Priority for Emergency Services

Every second counts when it comes to saving lives. Emergency services vehicles therefore receive different types of priority: top priority to get to an emergency as soon as possible, lower priority for planned transport and suggestions for low impact routes when driving with a patient.

GreenFlow for Cyclists

The CrossCycle app automatically communicates with signals that the cyclist is approaching. As soon as a cyclist is detected, demand between (groups of) cyclists and vehicles can be optimised to provide earlier or extended green phases. The app runs in the background and requires no user interaction, ensuring safety and efficiency. Groups of cyclists can be prioritised over regular traffic to make their journey smoother and more efficient.

GreenFlow for Pedestrians

The CrossWalk app automatically communicates with the traffic light as soon as a pedestrian approaches the intersection. When a person with reduced mobility or visual impairment approaches, the green light is extended by detecting CrossWalk users nearby automatically. CrossWalk runs in the background on your smartphone and requires no direct user interaction ensuring no hassling with phones while crossing.