Dynniq solidifies position in Brussels with a new contract


Dynniq solidifies position in Brussels with a new contract

For the past six years, Dynniq has been responsible for the daily maintenance of Traffic Light Controllers in and around the City of Brussels, Belgium. At the beginning of 2021, we took the next step and signed a four-year contract with the City to install new controllers. With the City investing in better and safer traffic regulation across this busy metropolitan area, our solutions will play a key role, opening the door to new possibilities.

The cornerstone of traffic management

Dynniq has been responsible for installing and configuring Traffic Light Controllers (TLCs) for the City of Brussels for years. Currently, the city and the villages in the Brussels metropolitan area house over 400 TLCs requiring our daily attention. As the cornerstone of traffic management, this regular traffic adaptation is a crucial part of preventing long traffic jams that can be caused by accidents, works, high political visits or cultural events.

With a population of over 1.2 million, Brussels’ traffic flow can be quite tricky, even when everything is running smoothly. For the past few years, local authorities have been implementing measures that contribute to a safer and better traffic system. This includes installing more traffic controllers. A call to public tender for this project was won by Dynniq and Siemens. The two companies already have a base of TLCs installed, and they will both be responsible for renewing existing elements and introducing new ones. The contract foresees an estimated 200 traffic controllers, and Dynniq will be in charge of supplying over half of these.

It takes good planning to go green

As climate change becomes an increasingly pressing topic, lowering emissions from traffic is a priority for many cities around the world. The City of Brussels is no exception. In May 2021, for example, the entire city centre was turned into a priority zone for cyclists and pedestrians. This is a big step towards a greener city. It also means that fewer roads are open to cars and public transport, so that traffic management must be more efficient than ever: investing in more hardware has to go hand in hand with developing better traffic plans. Dynniq’s TLCs are the perfect solution. They incorporate traffic measurement tools. And with the data they provide, traffic light plans can be created that respond to levels of traffic at different times of day, while different modes of transport can be given priority, such as public transport, bikes or pedestrians.

One small step towards a bigger future

At Dynniq, we strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients and to help them look ahead and prepare for the future of traffic management. This four-year contract has solidified and expanded our relationship with the City of Brussels. As local Belgian authorities continue on their quest for greener, cleaner cities, we hope to continue introducing Dynniq’s cutting-edge solutions in Smart Mobility, showcasing how a smart traffic system works and benefits all road users.

Thanks to the adaptability of Dynniq’s technology and the open platforms we use, we can work alongside other companies that also have a presence in this city. Together, we can provide smart solutions that make driving around Brussels safer and more efficient for everyone.