Dynniq installs first roundabout with traffic lights in Croatia


Fewer accidents, improved flow at high-traffic Zagreb roundabout

By installing the first traffic signalling system on a roundabout in Zagreb, Croatia, Dynniq has contributed to reducing traffic accident rates and improving traffic flow at one of the city’s biggest intersections, the Remetinec Roundabout.

Known as the most dangerous intersection

The Remetinec Roundabout is a large, three-lane roundabout located at the west entrance to Zagreb. Two tram lines and several footpaths pass underneath it. With four exits, it is an important junction in the city: it connects several neighbourhoods and is one of the main connections between the old part of the city and the new. It is also the most frequented traffic junction in Zagreb, with over 100,000 cars passing through daily. Before the redesign, rush hours were chaotic: police were stationed to help regulate the complex flow of traffic, but even then, accidents were a daily occurrence.

Investing in transport infrastructure

The Croatian government and the EU’s Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Programme joined hands to reconstruct this important intersection. The reconstruction plan aimed to relieve pressure on the roundabout by building a 280-meter east-west tunnel underneath it. To ensure continued access to the intersection’s four exits, the three-lane roundabout was kept in place and a fourth lane was added at certain points. The project received 40 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund and construction started in July 2018.

During the last three months of reconstruction, it was our task to help improve the complex traffic flow on the roundabout. We installed traffic lights and traffic video detection (27 video detectors with 50 virtual loops) to help drivers navigate the various lanes, ramps, traffic islands and exits. The roundabout is now also connected to the Dynniq Remote Monitoring System (RMS), an integrated, cloud-based solution that makes it easier for operators to manage a large number of traffic control devices.

Safe and happy drivers

The roundabout with traffic lights is the first in Croatia, but hopefully it won’t be the last, as the modifications to the Remetinec Roundabout have already made a noticeable improvement. Since the project’s completion in January 2020, the load on the roundabout has been reduced to 38,000 vehicles a day, and no new accidents have been reported. The success of this project is likely to be a first step towards further optimising traffic flow at other points in Zagreb and around Croatia. In the future, we hope to continue to contribute to the country’s goal of improving safety for all drivers.