Dynniq delivering technology on South West motorway network


Dynniq delivering technology on South West motorway network

Basingstoke, 18th July 2017 – In recognising our collaborative approach to quality, safety and network management Highways England has awarded the South West region 4 year Construction Work Framework Lot 6 (Technology) to Dynniq.

The South West region comprises Areas 1 and 2 and is the largest highways England operating area covering 11% of the strategic road, totaling 230 miles from Cheltenham to Penzance.

The framework is structured to enable the key delivery partners (across a combination of 12 separate Lots) to work together in developing schemes, providing infrastructure and commissioning technology, in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.

Richard Bevins, Operations Director at Dynniq, commented; “This framework enables Dynniq to further demonstrate its approach to delivering state of the art technology on the high speed network. Working from existing service centres within the network, with an experienced and trained team of engineers, a strong supply chain and pro-active approach to safety on the network, we will ensure that Highways England’s forward programme of works can be met on time and to budget”.

The technology being installed covers the full range of field based solutions from Highways England’s portfolio including Message Signs, Incident Detection, CCTV, trunk road traffic signals, weather systems, emergency telephones, communications and power. The team will construct new sites, chambers and ducting; install and test the technology; handover to maintenance; and operate with a Principal Contractor team structure.

Download the press release here.