Dynniq at TRA conferene in Wenen


Dynniq at TRA conferene in Wenen

The XCYCLE Consortium is pleased to be presenting the 1st XCYCLE Workshop on April 18th, 2018 in Vienna (2 pm – 5 pm). This workshop is an update of the latest technological achievements and to contribute to boost their further progress.

During the TRA 2018 Conference, the XCYCLE Project will present its ground-breaking technologies for improving active and passive detection of cyclists, its systems for informing both drivers and cyclists of hazards at junctions and its cooperation systems aimed at increasing cyclists comfort. Dynniq will talking in this interactive workshop about the green wave for cyclist comfort.

What is a Green Wave?

The cyclists’ Green Wave is a traffic management strategy that increases comfort for people using a green mode of transport and aims to improve the safety of cyclists by reducing the risk of red light violation.

How did XCYCLE improve the green wave?

XCYCLE developed a special algorithm for the adaptive traffic light controller ImFlow. This stabilizes the time to green prediction given by the controller to enable cyclists to derive a speed advice (GLOSA) from the countdown. The system was successfully tested with microscopic traffic simulation using the Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO) for different traffic networks.

What did the simulations show?

The new control algorithm was compared to state-of-the-art actuated and semi-fixed time controllers. The results showed 11% better traffic efficiency for ImFlow (adaptive controller) compared to the other algorithms. Furthermore, the stabilization solution that was developed within the XCYCLE project had no negative impact on traffic efficiency, while it had the best performance for all measurements related to the reliability of speed advice.

What did XCYCLE achieve?

Dynniq’s new green wave strategy allows cyclists to pass through intersections without stops and disruptions by stabilizing the green phase of consecutive traffic lights. This allows comfortable and efficient cycling and improves safety by reducing the risk of red light violation and number of stops.

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