Dynniq are ‘removing the boundaries’ sharing data


Dynniq are ‘removing the boundaries’ when it comes to sharing data between local authorities…

Basingstoke, 31st August 2017 – Dynniq will be showcasing the use of Multi-tenant hosted systems, a unique way of sharing information between neighbouring local authorities, at the forthcoming JCT 2017 Symposium.

The use of Multi-tenant hosted systems allows the flexible sharing, monitoring and control of ITS assets and will present many benefits the travelling public. This approach allows multiple LAs to be on a common system (which can also be hosted) with the information and assets being shared. If needed a traffic strategy or a VMS sign in one LA area could be controlled or influenced by data from an adjoining LA.

Kevin Gilday, Solutions Manager, IPS, Dynniq UK Ltd commented “Traditionally Local Authorities have their own systems in place and driving across boundaries often means that you can drive from one area to another with little direct sharing of data. What we’re providing in South Yorkshire is a platform which links together the Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster systems to provide a more seamless experience for the road user.”

‘Removing the Boundaries’ will be presented by Kevin at the 2017 Symposium being held at The University of Warwick on the Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st September 2017. The format of the event will be the same as in previous years and will include a Symposium programme filled with topical presentations, a specialist Exhibition, and plenty of opportunities to catch up with old friends and colleagues and network with new contacts.

Another paper at this year’s Symposium will be entitled ‘Innovating the Shuttle – Fitting the signals to the needs of the users’. Co-presented by Tom Siddall, Dynniq and Jason Hole, Cheshire East Highways, the paper and presentation will look to explain the approach taken in resolving the challenges of a new shuttle operating in a picturesque village in Cheshire East. The presentation highlights the innovations used to provide a signal installation that was appropriate to its setting and fitted with the needs of the users of the site.

Nigel Fairfield from Dynniq will also be presenting ‘Decisions and Data’ – exposing the significant amount of information that is available to support decisions, strategies and onward public dissemination. This is based on Dynniq’s work associated with collecting both free and licenced data and using it in such a way that we can support ITS strategies and road user advice.

All the papers will be available to download after the event…