Dynniq achieves priority for truck convoy


Dynniq achieves priority for truck convoy

With the Experience Week Connected Transport (EWCT) the Netherlands has an international scoop: from 1 through 5 October, 250 groups of trucks from various haulier companies will travel in convoys, and each truck will be equipped with the latest connected technology. This technology, whereby the truck and traffic control installations are linked to acquire and share information, has never before been tested in practice on this scale. For five days, national and regional government bodies, logistical partners, and knowledge institutions will come together to make the connection between traffic management and logistics in a real-life situation. The parties involved want to use this opportunity to take the next stop along the way to improving efficiency, safety, and sustainability in the logistics sector.

The Experience Week Connected Transport is an initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in order to introduce connected transport to practical logistics. With the Experience Week, participants contribute to a safe, accessible, and future-proof Netherlands.

Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management): “This week, trucks with specially implemented technology that connects the vehicle with smart traffic lights and other devices will be driving through the Netherlands. This will enable trucks to drive more efficiently, which is positive for the sector. It is vital to test innovations such as this very thoroughly as road safety will always be paramount.”

GreenFlow for Trucks

The role of Dynniq during the Experience Week Connected Transport is to have a peloton of trucks driving closely together as an entity and to guide them safely through junctions without stopping. Intelligent traffic control installations (iVRIs) and the ‘GreenFlow for Trucks’ app work together to make connected transport possible at various locations in the Netherlands, partially based on our FlowSense architecture. IVRIs, which are currently rolled out nationally under the banner of the Partnership Talking Traffic (a joint venture between the State and regional government bodies, iVRI suppliers, cloud service providers, and developers of information services), are not only capable of sending data to vehicles but can also receive data. This allows our smart traffic control (ImFlow) to keep the traffic that includes such a large peloton of trucks flowing safely and efficiently.

The Dynniq GreenFlow for Trucks service makes it possible to give priority to a specific type of vehicle. In this case, the timing of the iVRI is attuned to approaching heavy freight traffic. The priority request for the green light for freight traffic provides savings in time, fuel, and CO2, and it reduces noise pollution. As a result, the quality of life in the vicinity of roads used for heavy traffic improves considerably.

Cees de Wijs, CEO of Dynniq: ‘During the EWCT, Dynniq wants to showcase the opportunities that the integration of service providers with smart traffic management in an open system can offer. GreenFlow for Trucks demonstrates the power of connected transport. And this gives us the opportunity to contribute to the development of a new ecosystem with a safe, accessible, and future-proof Netherlands as a higher cause.”