CrossCycle in Tampere


CrossCycle improves flow for cyclists.

CrossCycle has been available in Tampere since 2017, when it was launched for first 16 intersections. This service has been expanded in 2019 with 19 new intersections, making the service now available on 35 intersections. We are proud to announce that in 2020 cyclists will get conditional priority, to improve even more the flow of bicycles. The conditional priority implicates that cyclists will get extended or earlier green. Emergency vehicles continue having the absolute priority, and trams and buses continue to have the highest conditional priority. Cyclists will be anyway prioritized against cars.

Through our FlowSense platform we can easily deploy CrossCycle to any city. One of the benefits of CrossCycle is it can be supported on both Dynniq as well as third-party traffic controllers. CrossCycle can be implemented in a relatively short period of time. As an indication this type of service can be deployed into any city size of Tampere in only 1-2 months working time.

Tampere wants to be a pioneer in smart mobility services and they also want to promote cycling in the city. Therefore we offered a scalable solution and with a fast deployment of CrossCycle. Also we were able to launch the priority service rapidly after the decision was made by the city of Tampere. We will continue developing the service and it’s features based on feedback from the field.

After the summer of 2019 we can say that the piloting/trial phase is completed and the end users are starting to experience the real benefits. For the next summer (2020) conditional priority for cyclists will be available together with improvements for the user interface in the app . The goal is to increase the attractiveness of cycling.

The CrossCycle service can differ per city depending on the city policy or on how and to what extend to prioritize cyclists against other modes of traffic.

Find out more information about CrossCycle in the CrossCycle brochure.