25,000 Tons of CO2 reduction annually in Copenhagen

The challenge

Copenhagen aims to be the world’s first CO2 neutral capital by 2025. Dynniq is contributing to that ambition as the city’s partner for traffic equipment.

The City of Copenhagen has the ambition to become CO2 neutral by 2025 and traffic management is an important driver in that goal. That’s why the City was looking for a reliable commercial party to service, maintain and overhaul its 400 controllers and other traffic equipment throughout Denmark’s capital city. Dynniq was ready to accept the challenge of the 99% reliability norm set by the municipality.

Our solution

Besides regular maintenance and service, Dynniq has synchronised controllers. Local radio joked that the infamous ‘red wave’ of traffic lights was turning into a green wave. A major PR victory for the City and a great improvement in traffic flow for the city’s more than 600,000 residents.

Further, EcoDrive/Compass4D has been implemented after a successful trial phase. During pilot the target was for heavy transport to go from twelve stops to seven or six. The result was four to five stops, an even greater improvement. This system is now being implemented at over 20 intersections and over 100 buses and other vehicles. The bus priority system has also been upgraded with a connection to a Dynniq powered server. This allows for better prioritisation and customisation possibilities in real time where every minute gained in punctuality is a concrete financial gain for the municipality.

The result

Meeting the 99% reliability norm and having a close relationship with the City has meant that both sides of the contract consider themselves partners. The partnership has resulted in better flow of traffic, substantial savings for the municipality and further orders for Dynniq. The City of Copenhagen is moving forwards toward its CO2 ambition and has reduced its annual CO2 reduction by 25,000 tons per year.