Project Goal


  • Large scale pan-European deployment of C-ITS by increasing the TRL of the components, standardization of architecture and interfaces, recruiting additional end-users and developing new business models

Dynniq Challenge

  • Tools used: ImFlow – RIS
  • Direct development into product base:
    • New back office platform for all C-ITS services through cellular communication
    • Improvements to existing C-ITS services in current Dynniq product
  • Other benefits:
    • New insights into business models around C-ITS
    • Growing customer base of the SDK product


The aim of the project is to secure the position of Dynniq in future traffic management by integrating information and control of cooperative and automated vehicles in the existing traffic management portfolio by expediting the development of former research results to mature products with confirmed European standardization.

End project: December 2020. Go to research website: c-mobile-project.eu