Pilots in urban traffic

The challenge

To improve the flow of urban traffic the European Commission has initiated twin pilots investigating the possibilities of C-ITS services. Dynniq is key partner in the program.

Public attention for smart mobility solutions tends to focus on fast moving traffic on motorways. However, urban traffic is very much on the agenda of policy makers and businesses alike. The European Commission DG Move has invited business, municipalities, and research institutes to collaborate in twin linked pilots situated in Bordeaux and Helmond.

The main goal is to establish how to best use C-ITS to increase road safety, reduce traffic congestion and emissions, and increase efficiency in logistics operations. The pilots offer a unique opportunity to gather tangible and quantifiable evidence from real life conditions.
Furthermore, the pilots will raise awareness amongst local policy makers and decision makers on C-ITS benefits and capacity to bring concrete solutions to daily urban mobility challenges.

Our solution

For a period of up to 18 months Bordeaux and Helmond will be the actual proving grounds of the technology. Data will be monitored and gathered accurately with a large user group. Dynniq is working closely with partners such as Geoloc, the technology provider in Bordeaux, and other key players.

This is part of the commitment to share knowledge with the EC C-ITS Deployment Platform and actively contribute to accelerate large scale deployment of C-ITS services in European cities.

The results

Dynniq is already reaping the benefits of its participation in the pilots. For example from the evaluation of C-ITS with a large number of users in real world situations.
And from engagement with current and potential partners and clients for C-ITS services, including public authorities and end users such as freight companies.

As a direct result of the program, Dynniq has also been able to improve its smart mobility propositions. A new release of GreenFlow is just one example. Finally, Dynniq has cemented its image as a front runner in the provision of C-ITS services.