Belnet awards network equipment framework contract to Dynniq


Dynniq Belgium signs five-year supply and maintenance contract with Belnet

Under a new framework agreement implemented on 1 April 2021, Dynniq has been chosen to ensure the maintenance and delivery of optical equipment for Belnet’s Research and Educational Network in Belgium for the next five years. We will be tasked with supplying the material, and configuring and maintaining the network on the basis of Ciena equipment. We won a part in this substantial contract thanks to our Ciena-certified team. The contract will help us not only to strengthen our position with long-time partner Ciena, but also to continue to grow in the area of data communications and connectivity.

Available 1 April 2021

Signed at the beginning of 2021, the contract centres on the maintenance of Belnet’s optical network and includes the supply of additional parts and services for a period of five years. Belnet is the Belgian National research and education network. The organisation serves as an internet provider for educational institutions, research centres, scientific institutes and government services.
One unique aspect of this government contract is that Belnet acts as a purchasing centre for members of its network who have shown an interest in working with its suppliers, such as Dynniq. The advantage of this ‘central purchasing body’ model is that there is no need to issue a new public contract for every Belnet network member: these customers can order directly from the service and product catalogue. In theory, this will also provide better conditions and economies of scale.

A Ciena-certified team

The contract awarded to Dynniq is estimated at 8 million euros and will cover the maintenance and further purchasing of the optical network based on equipment from United States’ provider Ciena. Dynniq Belgium was already uniquely positioned to take on this task. Belnet requires supplier employees to have completed a specific training course and pass exams set by Ciena before they are certified. Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Ciena, we already have a team of seven people at Dynniq who have gone through this process and are qualified to carry out the necessary activities in Belgium. So, when April 1st came round, we were ready to jump into action.

Mobility and connectivity

While Dynniq Belgium has firmly positioned itself as a leading provider of mobility services in the last five years, this project highlights an additional strength: our unique position in connectivity services. As Dynniq Belgium, we focus on the connectivity of services for mission-critical networks. Our new partnership with Belnet is an excellent opportunity to strengthen our position in this area of data communications. Through this long-term contract, we look forward to showcasing another side of Dynniq, and to opening the way for colleagues and partners around the world to new kinds of projects.