Avenue 2

The first double deck motorway tunnel in The Netherlands brings calm to the city of Maastricht.

The challenge

Burrowing beneath the city, the ‘Koning Willem Alexandertunnel’ can only open after all technical and traffic installation systems are installed and reliable.

Kicked off in 2011, project ‘Avenue2’ aims to build a double deck tunnel for the A2 motorway to pass under, rather than through the city of Maastricht.
The tunnel will divert 80% of traffic underground. This eases congestion and reduces associated air pollution. At the same time, the area above ground will be turned into a green zone with almost 2000 trees and ample space for pedestrians and cyclists.

Our solution

Dynniq is responsible for integrating the tunnel’s technical and traffic installations and implementation in the traffic control centre of Rijkswaterstaat (the executive branch of the Dutch Ministry for Infrastructure and the Environment). The project has been in the public spotlight since its inception because of the high risk and high value. Dynniq is very aware of the importance of getting things right, on time and within budget.

The method of construction, in an open dig, necessitates an adjacent temporary road with four lanes, including three temporary bridges for pedestrians and cyclists, complete with temporary traffic systems. And, as completion nears, pressure on Dynniq increases. For the tunnel to actually open, the proven reliability of Dynniq designed, engineered and installed traffic systems is vital.
Dynniq works closely with the builders, Strukton and Ballast Nedam, with subcontractors and public authorities to deliver reliable systems on time, on target.

The result

The hard work pays off as the tunnel is opened on 16 December 2016 as the ‘Koning Willem Alexandertunnel’ – named after the current Dutch monarch. The project has so far been completed on time and within budget.

For Dynniq, Avenue2 has resulted in a vast amount of new collaborations, and new releases of products, systems and services. And clear winners are the inhabitants of the beautiful city of Maastricht.