An icon for Rotterdam: the new lighting Erasmus Bridge


An icon for Rotterdam: the new lighting Erasmus Bridge

Energy saving (conversion to LED), citizen participation and smart lighting are all themes that are currently ‘hot’ in the world of outdoor lighting. Every municipality wants to a frontrunner or be the first with pilot projects where these topics are addressed. Issues are becoming more complex resulting in the necessary collaboration of various parties. A good example is the inquiry from the municipality of Rotterdam to replace the Erasmus Bridge lighting with dynamic LED lighting.

With Industrielicht, Dynniq submitted the plan to replace all lighting by LED. Part of the replacement plan was a light test where the municipality and architect were the judges whether the result met the expectations. LED lighting has a different look than current lights, as the old lighting was part of the design by Ben van Berkel of UNStudio. The light-scene, with the new lighting, had to smiliar to the original lighting plan.

The two parties had their own specialties to bring to the table, Industrielicht started with design of the lighting, the choice of LED luminaires to achieve energy reduction and realize an equal and better light image. The lighting control was also designed and supplied by Industrielicht in collaboration with LRS. Dynniq focused on the engineering of the cable network, power and control cabinets, installation, planning and maintenance during the contract.

The daily lighting is white however for special occasions the color pallet can be changed. This is controlled from a distance via tele management from one of the control rooms. The energy use of the bridge as been reduced by approximately 70 percent. That is a gain for the municipality, but also for the climate. The Erasmus Bridge can now turn into a spectacular light show. With only one touch the municipality can change the lighting of the entire bridge. For example, think of orange lighting during King’s Day, or with a victory of Feyenoord the club colors. All colors of the rainbow are possible!