Project Goal


  • The main objective of this project is to bridge current 5G developments in Europe and China
  • Through joint trials and research activities in order to facilitate technology convergence, spectrum harmonization and business innovation before large scale commercial deployments of 5G networks take place

Dynniq Challenge

  • Tools used: RIS
  • Cooperative communication technology will evolve in the future form G5 to other technologies and a candidate is G5 with a hybrid approach using LTE as equivalent for G5 combined with 5G communication.
  • The project will add 5G technology to the existing RIS


The aim of the project is to explore the roadmap for communication technology to be used in our future products by participating in trial projects to validate the available options resulting in our portfolio staying in line with market demands.

End project: December 2021. Go to research website: 5g-drive.eu